Travel rules

1. The tour operator SpaReis OÜ is obliged to carry out the travel service in accordance with the service description and guarantees the  provision of all the  pomised services to the client.

2. SpaReis OÜ is not responsible for force majeur and for other problems and damage which occur due to changes not related to the service provider.

3. Cancellation and refunding are made on the following term
A full refund will be made where there is a valid documented reason ( illness, incl. illness of family members,  accident,  etc.);

4. The tour operator is entitled  to make changes in the travel arrangements and replace it with  equal services if the service (i.e. trip) cannot be provided as planned for, because of unrelated reasons.  The tour operator has to inform the clients immediately if any changes have been made.

5. The tour operator is  entitled  to cancel the travel arrangements and is obliged to make a full refund on the following terms:
5.1 there are not enough clients to carry out the service;
5.2 the travel destination has become dangerous ( due to war, epidemy,  etc.) or the service can not be  provided  (due to strikes, floods, etc.)

6. The client must be aware that with the payment, he/she agrees to the terms and conditions of the tour operator (clause 3).

7. Any disagreements  between the client and the tour operator are settled upon the application of the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

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