Tours from Pärnu

Tori and Soomaa National Park

Duration: 5 h  Transport from Pärnu,  a guided tour, coffee break. Info:

Soomaa Tori

This tour takes you to the Soomaa National Park, located 37 kilometres from Pärnu. We  drive through Sindi, a town that is known for its historic textile mill. The tour continues to Tori, where you can see a well-preserved village centre – a church, an inn and a stud farm. There is a mysterious cave known as Tori Hell in the steep riverbank in Tori. The tour  continues to Soomaa National Park which is famous for its fifth season: in some years the spring floods have risen by a meter a day. A short trek across a boardwalk over a bog, brings us to  the centre of the National Park to look at the exhibition of Soomaa’s nature.

Pearls of Pärnu County – Tõstamaa Manor and Villa Andropoff

Duration: ca 5 h  Transport from Pärnu,  a guided tour, coffee break, manor entrance fee. Info:

Villa Andropoff

The tour takes you to the western part of Pärnu County, which is known for its pure and unspoiled nature, coastal villages, old churches and manor buildings. You  visit the beautifully restored Tõstamaa Manor with  its colourful history.  The manor has many impressive features such as the wall and ceiling murals, main staircase and a room under the mantel chimney. Then we drive to Audru village, where you can see an old manor complex and church. A 2.5 kilometre polder takes you from Audru to Valgeranna beach. It was set up to avoid flooding the coastland of Pärnu Bay. The polder has become a stopover for many migratory birds. Villa Andropoff is a holiday centre, known for its beautiful location. It was built for the Soviet Communist Party leaders. There will be a coffee break in the main house which has a beautiful sea view. You may take a walk to the white, sandy beach.

Kihnu Island

Duration: ca 10 h  Transport from Pärnu,  a guided tour, ferry tickets, excursion in Kihnu, access to the museum and church, lunch. Info:


Take a  chance  to visit Kihnu island which is only a few hours away from Pärnu. For many years, the men of Kihnu have frequently gone to sea while the women ran the island and became the guardians of the island’s cultural heritage. That includes handicrafts, dances, games and music. The islanders   wear their national costumes in every day life. The Kihnu cultural heritage is included in  the list of UNESCO. Kihnu is the largest island in the Gulf of Riga. The island has four villages with a total population of over 500 people. The ferry to Kihnu departs from Munalaiu port which is 45 km from Pärnu.  The trip to the island takes 50 minutes. The exotic tour  starts on an open lorry, where you can learn about the life and traditions on the island. In addition to the museum and the church you  have the opportunity to climb to the top of a  lighthouse and familiarise yourself with the shipping history in the old power station. There is an open-air diner at the Linaküla campsite, where you are able to enjoy a delicious fish lunch. The ferry departs from Kihnu to Munalaid in the afternoon.

Viljandi town and Olustvere Manor

Duration: ca 5,5 h  Transport from Pärnu,  a guided tour, entrance to the Olustvere Manor, light lunch and coffee break. Info:

Viljandi ja Olustvere

Viljandi is an ancient hilltop city in South Estonia, topped by impressive ruins of a once-powerful Livonian Order castle. Cobbled streets, ancient oak trees and a beautiful lake conjure up a very special atmosphere. This small city is the “capital of folk music” for most Estonians. We have a walk in the old town and castle ruins. Olustvere Manor is one of the best preserved manor complexes in Estonia. After a coffee break in the manor we walk in the park and explore other buildings. There are   handicraft, wool and ceramics workshops, the smithy and the distillery. We can see typical landscapes of Pärnu Lowland, such as fields, forests, rivers and swamps and pass small towns like Suure-Jaani, Vändra, Tori and Sindi.

Through the coastal villages to Latvia

Duration: ca 5 h  Transport from Pärnu,  a guided tour, coffee break. Info:

Pärnu lahe rannaküla

Coastal villages are waiting for  visitors! A half day tour takes us to the bordering Republic of Latvia through the lovely coastal villages of Pärnu County. We learn about sailing history and its influence on the local life. We see beautiful landscapes in the Luitemaa National Reserve and admire pine forests and coastal dunes. In 1864 the oldest Nautical School of Baltics was established  in Ainaži (65 km from Pärnu) to teach both Estonians and Latvians to become captains or steersmen. On the way back we drive along the popular holiday area and  stop in the beautiful coastal village of Kabli. We see the beach and the Kabli bird-ringing centre. Häädemeeste has been an important site for building sailing ships. Today it is known for its mineral water.

Riga – the capital of Latvia 

Duration: ca 10 h  Transport from Pärnu, a  guided tour. Info:


Only a few hours drive (186 km) from Pärnu, lies the largest city in the Baltic States, which is worth a visit at any time of the year. Riga was founded in 1201 and is a former Hanseatic League member. Riga´s historical centre is a UNESCO world Heritage Site, noted for its Art Nouveau and 19th century wooden architecture. On the way, you hear about the history and present day of Latvia and there will be a short stop for coffee. A walking tour is by far the best way to explore Riga. Let´s have a look at the House of Black Heads, St.Peter´s Church, The Cathedral, Little Guild and Big Guild, Three Brothers, R.Wagner Street and walk through the old Swedish Gate. After the tour you have some  free time (app. 3 hours) to explore the Old Town on your own or enjoy a meal in a cozy restaurant or street cafe. There are lots of small boutiques and a large department store Centrs for shopping. Interesting exhibition halls and museums are also worth a visit. Lunch can be added for an extra cost. Be sure to bring your passport or ID card with you

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