Pärnu Sightseeing in a Different Way

Nordic Walking in Pärnu

Duration: 2 h. Take with your own walking sticks. Info: info@spareis.ee

ekskursioon Pärnus

City of Pärnu cares about the health of its citizens and visitors. In this walking tour you will explore the summer capital of Estonia in a different way – doing it in Nordic walking. We walk around lush parks and shelter giving alleys, while enjoying nature and also explore the history and present day of Pärnu. We visit Vallikäär, Tallinn Gate, Ammende Villa, Kurhaus and Mud Baths. Moreover, we will see a number of modern spas in Pärnu. We take a look at the beautiful white sandy beach.

Pärnu by Bike

Duration: 2 h. Take with your own bike or rent it in PärnuInfo: info@spareis.ee

Pärnu polkupyörällä

Discover the Hanseatic City of Pärnu by bike. Pärnu has a total of about 40 kilometers of light traffic roads. Bicycle excursion explores the sights of old town and resort area: Vallikäär, Tallinn Gate, Villa Ammende, Kuursaal, historical Mud Baths,  beautiful buildings and lush parks. We will make a stop at the beach. We continue our trip along the light traffic road to the coastal protected areas. Those who wish can climb the bird watching tower and admire the views or meet „urbancows“ whos duty is to mow the costal meadows . Then we are heading back to the center along the old streets bordered with colourful wooden houses.  We will pass lovely park with statue of Lydia Koidula and and the old-style Transfiguration of Our Lord Otrodox Church. We also cycle along „Jaanson`s path“, a recreation area, which runs between two bridges on the both side of Pärnu river.

Excursion in the Museum of Pärnu

Duration: 1 h Info: info@spareis.ee

Pärnu Museum

In the Museum of Pärnu you will get a glimpse of 11,000 years of Estonian history. From Early Mesolithic settlement to present day. You will learn about the life of Bronze and Iron Ages and get acquainted with the lifestyles and shopping habits of Hanseatic city. The Medieval and Baroque Halls have interesting models. Part of the exhibition is dedicated to the Estonian national awakening and the proclamation of a republic on 23rd of February, 1918 in Pärnu. In the Resort hall a life-size bathing carriage and historic photographs are presented. The final part of the exhibition focuses primarily on the second half of the 20th century, such as the Soviet occupation, deportation and activities of the wood brotherhood of the Pärnu County. If you wish, you can arrange a guided tour with an emphasis on th period of your liking.

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